The second half of the Festival has begun

11 July 2017

Wednesday’s performance of Hungarian violinist Sándor Jávorkai, famous for his interpretations of Paganini, followed by Jazz From Brentwood concert at Bled Castle. For the grand finale we will be able to enjoy the performance of Bulgarian twins Wladigeroff. We can expect an amazing musical blend, spiced up with the sounds of Balkan music, swing, jazz and folk.

The 22nd Festival Bled was opened by the St. Peter's Chamber Orchestra from Oxford (July 3rd). The symphonies of Gustav Mahler are their favourites. This time they decided to tour with his Ninth Symphony and visit the places (Austria and Italy) where Mahler wrote it. On their way they also stopped in Bled.

It was followed by an evening with an elite touring choral ensemble The Oakland Chorale, conducted by Dr. Michael A. Mitchell. 

The Oakland Chorale

Each year Festival Bled hosts the students of Prof. Michael Frischenschlager who has been cooperating with the Festival Bled from the beginning. Young talented musicians performed in the Knight’s Hall at Bled Castle (July 5th).

The first highlight of the Festival Bled was the concert of CELLO ATTACCA!!, joined by one of the best Slovene accordion players Marko Hatlak. The ensemble comprising former and present students of the renowned cellist Karmen Pečar Kortnik performed, under her leadership, a fantastic program which was spiced up by a tango version of Iztok Mlakar’s song Štefana in Bertolin (Štefana and Bertolin). CELLO ATTACCA!!, which was created years ago on the initiative of Festival Bled, are: Gal Golob, Petra Hafner, Barbara Nagode, Nuša Planinc, Alma Pleteršek, Andi Pogačnik, Nejc Rupnik in Zala Vidic. 

Cello Attacca!! with Marko Hatlak

Each year one of the Festival Bled evenings is dedicated to the music and dance artists. This year we hosted Belarusian artists, members of the Belarusian State Ensemble KHOROSKHI. In their performance of five acts they showed through dance and music the formation and development of Belarusian national culture from pagan times to 20th century inclusive.


The Henley Symphony Orchestra performed on Saturday, July 8th, and is believed to be one of the best amateur orchestras in Great Britain.

The Henley Symphony Orchestra

With three concerts of Master Classes participants (July 9th, 10, and 11th) the 22nd Festival Bled is entering its second half.

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