11 July 20.30 St. Martin's Church

Entrance: 15€

The Orchestra Amadeo was founded in Škofja Loka in 2013 and exists until the present day under the artistic leadership and guidance of the pianist and conductor Tilen Draksler. The main purpose of the orchestra is to produce quality music of past and contemporary composers. The orchestra constantly seeks to redefine the possibilities within musical performance by maintaining a strong connection to the interdisciplinary artistic approach. With programs like the Amadeo festival, they are trying to appeal to the wider public and present art and music as a vessel that gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life. At the same time, it also gives opportunities to outstanding young Slovenian musicians to participate in the creation of quality music within and outside the Slovene cultural space. It consists of students and graduates of renowned music schools such as:  Academy for music Ljubljana, Graz, Klagenfurt, Detmold, Vienna, Zagreb and members of RTV Symphony orchestra Slovenia, Slovenian Philharmonic orchestra, etc. The Chamber orchestra Amadeo held concerts in "Kristalni abonma","Mednarodni cikel" and took part in festivals such as "Pisana Loka", "Loka v Snegu" (Škofja Loka), "Poletje v knežjem mestu", "Večeri v atriju" (Celje), a concert cycle in the National Gallery in Ljubljana and Freising (Germany), "Gerbičevi večeri" in Cerknica, etc. Several renowned Slovenian and foreign artists have also performed with the orchestra, such as: Matjaž Robavs (tenor), Liza Šparovec (soprano), Izak Hudnik, (violoncello), Marta Močnik-Pirc (soprano), Urška Rihtaršič (harp), Franc Avsenek (viola), Igor Krizman (accordion), Goran Farkaš (folk instruments), Feri Lainšček (poet), Ana Obreza (dramaturg and actor) and Rok Kravanja (actor).

Tilen Draksler is the founder and music director of the Amadeo Orchestra and Amadeo Festival. He started his studies of conducting with Andrej Ožbalt and is currently studying Master of Conducting in the class of George Pehlivanian at the Katarina Gurska Academy in Madrid. His knowledge of conducting was also furthered with well-known conductors such as Lior Shambadal, Cristóbal Soler, César Viana, Borja Quintas, Arturo Tamayo, Miquel Rodrigo, Tim Redmond, Morten Wensberg, Jon Malaxetxebarr, Mark Heron, Holger Speck. In addition to this, he conducted the Berliner Sinfonietta, Royal NC Orchestra, Orquesta Filarmónica de Málaga, Katarina Gurska Orchestra, Orkester in zbor Pro musica viva, Orkester Trnovo. 
He graduated his Master of Piano under the mentorship of Tatjana Ognjanović at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana and his Postgraduate study at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest with Laszlo Baranyay. As a pianist, he collaborated in documentary films of the composers Risto Savin and Janko Ravnik. He played as a piano soloist with the Symphonic Orchestra Domžale, Orchestra Arseia, University Wind Orchestra of Ljubljana, and as a member of the Sud Europäische Junge Philharmonie in Germany. In recognition of his cultural achievements, he was awarded by the mayor of the municipality of Celje.

Izak Hudnik started studying cello with Igor Mitrovič in whose class he also graduated from Ljubljana consevartory in 2014. Thereafter he enroled into Ljubljana Academy of music where his teacher was Miloš Mlejnik and Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien where he studied with Reinhard Latzko. He now studies with Giovanni Gnocchi at Mozateum in Salzburg. He won several competitions (Liezen, Poreč, Svirel, Trst, Gorica) and performed with leading Slovenian orchestras, Zagreb soloists, Württemberg philharmonie Reutlingen and Dutch National student orchestra. He took part in masterclasses with S. Isserlis , J. P. Maintz, R. Latzko, T. Thedéen, P. Muller, C. Poltera, H. Schiff and T. Grossenbacher. He won the Prešeren Award of Academy of music in Ljubljana twice. 

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