16 July 20.30 Festival Hall

Entrance: 15€

The band connects not only the sounds of the alto saxophone, vibraphone, guitar, double bass and drums but also friends from high school, who are, because of the study, living in different places in Europe. The project under the name  ̋Commuters ̋ will present author music and arrangements of foreign authors ' compositions.

vibes- Aleksander Sever
alto saxophone- Lenart De Bock
guitar- Tilen Gavranovič
bass- Jernej Vindšnurer
drums- Luka Matić

Vibraphonist and percussionist Aleksander Sever is a student of Conservatory for Music and Ballet in Ljubljana. In 2017 he received a gold medal at TEMSIG musical competition and in February 2018 he passed entrance exams on Manhattan School of Music in New York. He performed with Big Band RTV Slovenia as a young soloist as well as a substitute. He regularly participates in various musical projects, among others he has performed with renowned jazz musicians such as Ratko Divjak, Primož Fleischman, Gregor Ftičar, Janez Gabrič, Primož Grašič, Nikola Matošić,... He has also had private lessons and attended workshops with world-famous musicians such as David Friedman, Gregory Hutchinson, Tony Miceli, Victor Mendoza, Nebojša Jovan Živković and others.

Lenart De Bock, born in Belgium, moved to Slovenia after five years of living there. After eight years of clarinet at the elementary music school he, because of absence of the high school jazz program for clarinet, began to play the alto saxophone. In the year 2017 he was admitted to the Conservatory of Music and ballet Ljubljana, but after a year of schooling there he continues his studies of music at the University of Graz. In addition to schooling, gaining visibility in the Slovenian music scene is increasing.

Tilen Gavranovič jazz guitar player, who studied between 2013-2017 at the Conservatory for Music and Ballet Ljubljana where he was tought by Igor Lunder and Jani Moder. In 2017 he started studying at the Music University in Graz with professor Guido Jesensky. He also attended seminars with world known musicians like Kurt Rosenwinkel, Lage Lund, Yotam Silberstein, Peter Bernstein and others.

Jernej Vindšnurer attended with his group Jazzed the Temsig national competition in 2016, reaching 1. prize and gold plaque in jazz chamber music. The same year, the band won 1. prize at the international competition in Treviso. In addition to school activities, he is very active outside the school, as he plays in various jazz ensembles. He also performed as a soloist with the Big band RTV Slovenija. He with honors completed his schooling at the jazz department of Conservatorium for music and Ballet Ljubljana with final exam and concert. In May 2018, he passed the entry exams for jazz studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz.

Luka Matić was born in Slovenia, where he grew up and, with the help of diverse musicians, nurtured his talents. During his time at the Conservatory for Music in Ljubljana he gained valuable experience by playing with his peers and studying with his mentors, which include Aleš Rendla, Igor Matkovič, Janez Gabrič and many others. He collaborated with world renown musicians such as Dre Hočevar, Kaja Draksler, Jure Pukl, Milan Stanisavljević, Robert Jukič, Renato Chicco.. In 2017 he was the recipient of the 1st place award in the highest category at TEMSIG. After finishing high school, he spent one year studying with prof. Howard Curtis in Graz. Presently, he lives, studies and performs in Berlin.

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