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Janez Gabric: born June 12th 1979, Slovenia. He started his music education at the age of seven in primary music school Krsko in his home town. His first teacher was Drago Gradisek and later his brother Alojz Gradisek. At the age of nine he started to play in a local Wind Orchestra (his first public performance on drums), continuing to Symphony Orchestra (playing timpani for several years), than to a local Big Band and to different pop, rock and jazz groups.

In 1999 he decided to continue his study in music at Rotterdam Jazz Academy (University for the Arts – Codarts) where he took lessons with Hans van Oosterhout, Fred Krens, Peter Ypma, Bob Langenberg, Ad de Jong, Erik Vloeimans, Ben van den Dungen. He participated on workshops from Terry Bozzio, Adonis Rose, Chris Strike, George Kullas, Jimmy Haslip etc. In that time he had the opportunity to play with many great musicians such as  Akos Laki and his Lakilatino band, Ratko Zjaca, Stanislav Mitrovic, Lovro Ravbar, Erik Marence, Izidor Leitinger, Rik Mol, Not James Dean band and others.
After four years of study, he returned to Slovenia and got a lot of work as a hired  musician, playing for many artists such as Ratko Zjaca Quartet, Lovro Ravbar Quartet, The Fool Cool orchestra - Izidor Leitinger - Vladko Stefanovski - Erik Vloeimans - Simone Zanchini - Zoran Predin – Bajaga - Masimo Savic, Big Band KK, The Slovenian Radio and Television Big Band, Big Band of the Slovenian Armed Forces Orchestra, Demolition Group, Trkaj, Leeloojamais, Nermin Puskar, Peaceful Colors, Peter Dirnbek, Uros Peric, Dror Orgad Trio, Jadranka Juras, Ales Susa, Matej Hotko, Jani Hace, Marko Crncec, Peter Urek Trio, Erik Marence Latin Trio, Bojan Zupancic Quartet, Ljubljana City Theatre ...

He appears on more than 20 different albums covering different styles from jazz, pop, rock and hip-hop.

Since 2006 he has been working with one of the most recognizable bands from former Yugoslavia – Laibach. Since he has been with them he has had a chance to travel around the world and play concerts in clubs, concert halls and stadiums. He appears on two Laibach albums: Volk - live from London and Laibach Revisited.
He has played at many festivals around the world such as World Port Jazz Festival Rotterdam (NL), Dunya Festival Rotterdam (NL), Jazz fest Ljubljana (SI), Lent fest Maribor (SI), Pepsi Ziged Festival Budapest (HU), Beograd Jazz fest (SRB), Porec Jazz fest (CRO), Exit fest Novi Sad (SRB), Sarajevo Film Festival (BiH), Volt Festival Budapest (HU), Meraluna fest. Hildesheim (GER), Arena Fest. Pula (CRO), Raba Rock Fest Tallin (EST), National Geographic Traveler – City Hall New York (NY), Round House London (UK)...

Since 2005 he has been a regular teacher for jazz drums at Conservatory for music and dance in Ljubljana.

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