July 11th  Festival Hall Bled: BOSAZNOVA

The BosaZnova band consists of the couple Vanja and Matjaž Romih, i.e. two voices and a guitar.
Vanja and Matjaž Romih, who as BosaZnova seduce with their playful, light, romantic, humorous and, above all, authentic songs full of life stories about a partner's relationship, swaying to the rhythm of bossa nova, presented their new song "An Ordinary Couple" at last year's 42nd MMS (Melodies of the Sea and the Sun) Festival. It also convinced the profession, as Matjaž Romih won the jury's award for the best lyrics. They have also recently released a new single entitled Winter Romance.
In 2022, BosaZnova presented songs that celebrate life and relationships between partners. They started with the track 'Daisy'. Their second, 'Desires', was premiered at the 41st MMS Festival and 'Ljubi me, ljubi nocoj' from Popevka 2022, the humorous song 'Don't Press' was presented just before their debut.2023 was the year of the BosaZnova duo, as on 9 May they released their debut album, Therapy for Couples (album), which they also presented live on Radio One's First Row.
If a few years ago they shyly showed the world their first track 'I Invite You to Rio de Janeiro', today, equipped with a bunch of new songs, they are proud of their creations and stories. Vanja and Matjaž Romih have combined their passion for exploring and making music, playing live and performing in BosaZnova. Vanja comes from a jazz background, while Matjaž Romih has to date appeared as a singer-songwriter and chansonnier (he also won the Slovenian Chanson Festival in 2005). This love of music-making and storytelling has been translated by Vanja's collaboration into songs that celebrate life, its joys and the relationships between men and women. These are "positive" love songs, full of softness, joy, humour, swaying rhythmicity and lovability, but at the same time avoiding as much as possible kitsch.
By arrangement, the band performs with percussionist Žiga Šercer or Miha Friedrich and bassist Neza Pavlič in a small "combo" ensemble.

Development: MMstudio