Matjaž, Jože and Primož Poklukar, pupils of Gorje Primary School

The Poklukar brothers present their artworks. Jože and Matjaž, former successful cross-country skiers and biathletes, have in recent years become one of the most recognisable cartoonists in Slovenia. The youngest of the brothers, Primož, has been passing on his artistic knowledge to the younger generation for twenty years as an art teacher at the Gorje Primary School.

They will present their art works at the exhibition, while Primož, as a teacher, is also presenting his own works and those of his pupils, which were created under his mentorship during his art lessons.

The exhibition will offer an insight into the world of portraiture, caricature and the differences between them. The contrast between the serious, sometimes dramatic portrait on the one hand and the humorous caricature on the other.  

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