19.7. 20:30 Congress Centre: LAIBACH

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Since its founding in 1980 in Trbovlje, the Laibach group has played more than one thousand concerts

around the world and is not only one of the most recognizable Slovenian music groups but also extremely established on the international ‘alternative’ or ‘independent’music scene. Laibach has performed more than 35 times in London alone and has also toured extensively across Europe and North America. Laibach has played inmany prestigious halls and participated in various culture and music festivals over the globe. The band has released more than 30 albums for their primary record label Mute and other labels, including several double albums. Laibach recorded original music for many theatre productions and also participated in the creation of some of these projects. The band's music is featured in several Hollywood movies (Spiderman, Blair Witch Project, etc.) and the popular American TV series Alias. In 2012, the band recorded soundtracks for an independent movie hit Iron Sky, and a few years later also for its sequel Iron Sky – The Coming Race. Laibach has had many documentaries (Victory Under the Sun, Predictions of Fire, Divided States of America, Liberation Day, etc.) and documentary TV shows made about them.


In its musical expression, Laibach combines various genres, from experimental industrial sound

to symphonic so-called militant classicism and electronic music. Their album Opus Dei, released in 1987, is regularly included in international compilations of the best or most important albums of industrial rock of all time. The band is also the founder of the retro-avantgarde art direction (together with other groups from the art movement known as the Neue Slowenische Kunst). Since its earliest concerts, Laibach has been creatively including other media in its music performances. Due to the band's uncompromising artistic attitude as well as uncompromising analysis of the political totalitarianism ideology, Laibach faced many problems in its work, and was officially banned in Slovenia and Yugoslavia during the time period of 1983-1987. In 2015, Laibach travelled to North Korea where, upon the invitation from the North Korean Committee for International Cultural Cooperation, they performed two world-renowned concerts in Pyongyang to mark Korea's 70th anniversary of the liberation from the Japanese regime. The band has also been featured in many of the world's media, including on the cover of New York Times.

A documentary movie titled Liberation Day was filmed about their tour in North Korea.

Through their work,Laibach has influenced many other world-renowned groups, including the German

giants Rammstein. Their parentrecord label, Mute from London, has also signed some very prominent

musical names, such as Depeche Mode, Nick Cave, Goldfrap, Moby, Diamanda Gallas, Swans, Kraftwerk, New Order, etc. Laibach now lives and operates in Ljubljana.

Laibach has never performed in Bled before, so they will present a wide cross-section of songs from their rich repertoire at their premiere concert in the Bled Festival Hall.

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