Michael Frischenschlager / violin 1. - 11. 7.

assistant: Lisa-Maria Sekine

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Michael Frischenschlager, soloist, chamber musician, violin pedagogue from Salzburg is descendant of a well known musicians family of long tradition. He studied violin, conducting, musicology at the academies and universities in Salzburg, Köln, Wien and Roma. His violin teachers were Theodor Müller, Andrè Gertler, Franz Samohyl and Yehudi Menuhin.
After several years of important orchestra experience on highest artistic level (Wiener Solisten, Wiener Philharmoniker) followed a period of intensive, exclusive concert activity as soloist and chamber musician with concerts in almost all european countries, in North America and Asia.
1971 he began to teach at the University of Music and Performing Arts of Vienna with many brillant violinists winners of national and international competitions, successful soloists, chamber musicians, and members of important orchestras in Austria, Europe, Asia coming out from his class throughout the years. 1984 he has been elected head of string department, 1989 vice chancellor, 1992- 1996 chancellor of the University of Music Vienna.
He is worldwide in demand as jury member of many renowned violin and chamber music compete-tions and also as teacher for masterclasses at famous universities and academies .
Since 1989 he is president of the International Fritz Kreisler Competition in Vienna. At the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts he founded the International Summer Academy Prague-Vienna-Budapest in 1991 and has been its director for 14 years. For many years he has been President of the European String Teachers Association in Austria (ESTA) and Committee member and Vice President of the World Federation of International music competitions.

Lisa-Maria Sekine is an Austrian violinist, she holds a Diploma from the University for Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. During her studying years she took lessons from Igor Ozim, Dora Schwarzberg, Zakhar Bron, Lothar Strauß and Michael Frischenschlager. She is a 1. Prize winner of various kind of international Violin Competitions. The most prestigious once are: - 1st. Prize International Valsesia Musica Violin Competition in Valsesia, Italy - International Johannes Brahms Violin Competition in Pörtschach, Austria - Professor Dichler International Violin Competition in Vienna, Austria - Osaka International Violin Competition in New York, USA As a soloist Lisa-Maria performed together with Zakhar Bron and different kind of orchestras as the: Zakhar Bron Chamber Orchestra, Polish Baltic Frédéric Chopin Philharmonic Orchestra, Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra, Czech Budweis Philharmonic Orchestra, Austrian Pro-Arte Orchestra et cetera. She is teaching as the assistent of professor Michael Frischenschlager in Vienna. Lisa-Maria got selected as an „Endorsement Artist Member" of the Thomastik-Infeld Company in Vienna. She is currently playing on a Sanctus Seraphin Venice 1748 „Ex Hamma" on a kind loan from the National Bank of Austria.

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