8.7. 20:30 Congress Centre

Ludo Marien and MOL Accordion Orchestra


Johann Pachelbel: Toccata in C    (Ludo Mariën)

Karl Jenkins; Palladio       (Ludo & Seppe Mariën)

Franck Angelis: Impasse                                                              

Gian Piero Reverberi: Siciliana                                                                  

Ralph Vaughn-Williams: Rhosymedre                                                   

Frédéric Devreese: Finale                                                                          

Matyas Seiber: Prelude & Fuga in a                                        

Clint Mansell: Requiem For A Dream                     

Max Richter: The Days Go By                                    

Ludo Mariën: Cirk!                                                                        

Toots Thielemans: Ode to Toots Thielemans                      

                                                Mols ACCORDEONENSEMBLE olv. Ludo Mariën


Ludo Mariën and the accordion: a perfect match!


Ludo Mariën / Belgium30 June, 1968)

 From in the Flemish Campine, and currently living in Kerksken.

Ludo Mariën has been – and still is – the main instructor at the Royal Flemish Academy of Music in Antwerp. He also teaches the accordion and ensemble at the local Academy of Music and Drama in Mol.

During this time he has become an indispensable figure on the accordion music scene, lifting the so-called "piano of the poor” to an extremely high artistic level. He has made frequent guest appearances in Russia, such as in Moscou, St. Petersburg, Yekatarinaburg, Cerepovets, Nizh Nizh Tagil.

Ludo Mariën has recorded solo-CDs completely on his own account:

-Addendum (1998) is his very first solo-cd, which includes compositions from Vivaldi, Rossini, Semionov, Beloshitzky, Cathy.

-Reminiscencias (2003), with work from Bach, Paganini, Semionov, Beloshitzky.

-O felici orecchi miei! Ludo Mariën & Domenico Balzani (bariton)

-Talpa (2011), compositions of Bach, Brewaeys, Mariën.

Ludo Mariën has made many concert appearances in various countries: all over Europe, Australia, Russia, South Korea, USA.

Among his most important roles to date have been quite some co-performances with singers in the past. He guest-starred, among others, with the Argentinian Mauricio Kagel, with the world’s most famous tenor Luciano Pavarotti, José Carreras, Placido Domingo, the Jiddish singer Myriam Fuks, the Viennese opera singer Karin Pragmar, the German Carolin Masur, the American Claron McFadden, the Italian bariton Domenico Balzani, the Flemish singer Mireille Cappele, the soprano Judith Vindevogel, the Piaf-performer Chantal Callin, …….

Apart from being an excellent performing artist, much of Ludo Mariën’s time is put into promoting the accordion. The accordion vacation camps and accordion weekends that he organises every year for children and adults alike, are very inspiring.



Conductor: Ludo Mariën

The Mols ACCORDEONENSEMBLE grew out of the course of ensemble of the accordion class of the Municipal Academy of Music and Word of Mol, led by Ludo Mariën. The 'accordion' course has been set up from the 1995-1996 school year. It has always been a successful course, right from the start: up to and including this school year, more than 200 students have followed accordion in Mol. The students come from far away, and from the Netherlands. Many of this students is now professionally active in the musical landscape.

With some of our musical projects we have been awarded 3 years in a row in the municipality of Mol at the 'Cultural Audience Award': in 2007 with the complete live music for the film 'Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain', in 2008 a 1st place with 'Accordion meets Percussion', and in 2009 with the mega pirate event 'de Rossekrulsnor' – a children's musical. And in 2012 there was the literally big project ADIEMUS. March 17, 2012 will remain in our memory as the day where we played 4 concerts, in front of a full REX, with an orchestra of 265 musicians! A heavenly experience.

Many events, meetings, excursions, concert tours and trips are reviewed every year: Castelfidardo / Italy (2004 & 2008 & 2014), Portugal (2009 & 2015), East Germany (2012). In 2013 we took part in the International Competition for Accordion Orchestras in Innsbruck in Austria (9-12 May 2013). We became laureate & winner of an International Competition in Bratislava (October 2017) and in Prague (October 2018).

The Mols ACCORDEONENSEMBLE is part of the Department of Honor of Orchestras in the province of Antwerp, in the department of Excellence at VLAMO, and is affiliated with the Molse Cultuurraad. Ludo Mariën is the conductor and founder of this ensemble that has been a trendsetter in the Flemish music environment and music education for many years through its diversity of activities and acclaimed participation in international competitions.

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