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First Slovenian silent feature film (1931) with music by Andrej Goričar, performed live


Film producer: Turistovski klub Skala

Film director: Janko Ravnik

Music: Andrej Goričar


Music performed by:

Andrej Goričar, piano

Janez Podlesek, violin

Jakob Bobek, clarinet

Milan Hudnik, cello


About the film

Ten days after the August 29, 1931 premiere in the Kino Union hall in Ljubljana, more than 15.000 people saw In the Realm of Golden Horn! The story follows three comrades on their way to Slovenian mountains, to the realm of the Goldenhorn! Meeting foresters, mowers and harvesters, they spend a night at the beautiful Liza's mountain chalet. The trip actually ends right here on Bled!

In 2021, the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia finalized the digitization process and digital restoration of the first Slovenian feature-length silent film titled In the Realm of the Goldenhorn. This achievement was the archive's way of commemorating its 90th anniversary.


About the music

It was in 2005 that composer Andrej Goričar, commissioned by Slovenian Cinematheque, wrote the music to accompany this silent film for the symphony orchestra. The score premiered the same year and was performed by the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra, celebrating 100 years of Slovenian cinema. In 2018 Goričar also wrote a quartet version of the score, commissioned by Slovenian alpine museum, premiered at Bergfahrt Festival in Bergün, Switzerland. Since then, many performances under the leadership of composer and pianist Andrej Goričar followed, both home and abroad. "This film is about the many things that I also like", says the composer who has written several silent film scores in his career, including for the first European silent animated feature film Adventures of Prince Ahmed (1926), the famous German Nosferatu (1922) as well as the Czech masterpiece Erotikon (1929), which received great international success.

SI AS 1086 Film Collection

SI AS 1086 Film Collection

SI AS 1086 Film Collection

Andrej Goričar, personal archive

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