12.7. Grand Hotel Toplice 20:30 INTERWINING MUSIC AND LACE

In the concert A Romantic Fusion of Music and Lace you will have the opportunity to listen to the beautiful sounds of virtuoso violin from the fingers of the master Andrei Provotorov, from Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Massenet to Kogoj, and the graceful sounds of soprano Martina Robinsak with compositions by Rachmaninov, Faure, Dvorak and Strauss, accompanied by the sophisticated piano accompaniment of pianist Maja Tajnšek. The fusion with lace and the special touch of the event will be provided by the author of the original Idrija lace, Tina Koder Grajzar, who will set up an occasional exhibition of carefully selected unique bobbin lace at the concert venue, which will also be available for purchase by arrangement with the author.
You are cordially invited to a wonderful musical lace evening.

Translated with DeepL

W A MOzart - Sonata v G duru, 1st and 2nd movement
P.I Čajkovski : Melody
P I Čajkovski :Meditation
P I.Čajkovski : Valse Scherzo 
J.Massenet :Thais
 M.Kogoj : Andante for violin and piano

Andrei Provotorov, violin
Maja Tajnšek, piano

R Strauss : Morgen - Martina Robinšak soprano , Andrei Provotorov violin, Maja Tajnšek, piano
A Santiago : Ave MariaMartina Robinšak soprano, Andrei Provotorov violin, Maja Tajnšek, piano

G.Faure: Apres un reve 
A.Dvorak: Stara  matka
S Rahmaninov: Zdjest harasho
Puccini: O mio babbino caro

Martina Robinšak sopran
Maja Tajnsek klavir

 Andei Provotorov, violin

martina Robinšak, soprano

Maja Tajnšek, piano

TINA KODER GRAJZAR, priginal lace

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