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Film concert EROTIKON

Silent film Erotikon with music score by Andrej Goričar performed live


Erotikon (G. Machatý, Češkoslovaška, 1929, 89 minutes)


Performed by:


Andrej Goričar, piano and conductor

Jakob Bobek, klarinet

Jan Gričar, saksofon

Ana Mezgec, violin

Domen Lorenz, violin

Gea Pantner Volfand, viola

Milan Hudnik, violoncello


World premiere: 6. 10. 2021  Pordenone Silent Film Festival

Slovenian premiere: 29. 12. 2021, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana

The music score was commissioned by the Slovenian Cinematheque


One stormy night, a stranger is stranded on a lonely station. He missed the train, so the railway guard takes him under the roof, to his bubbly and innocent daughter Andrea (Ita Rina). Handsome George, cosmopolitan and womanizer, seduces the girl and disappears into the unknown the next morning. Andrea becomes pregnant, but the child is stillborn. On another fateful night, a gallant stranger saves her from a rapist, so she takes him as her husband. But her thoughts keep longingly returning to her first lover and that dizzying night of passion. A pioneering work of cinematic erotica and an avant-garde classic of silent film, pulsating with the sensuality and decadence of the twenties. Machatý's (soft) focus is on a single object: female sensuality. With the film, Ita Rina became one of the world-renowned film stars, and director Gustav Machatý became one of the giants of silent film.

Giornate del Cinema Muto

Giornate del Cinema Muto

andrej Goričar, personal archive

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