5.7. Congress centre 20:30 DUO DILEMMA: Improvizing On Mozart Tunes

Performing: Duo Dilemma

Sotiris Tragas :  tenor saxophone, clarinet

Poppy Dalachani: acoustic guitar

DILEMMA is a duet originally formed in Athens, Greece. Their musical reference is a mix of different musical genres like classical,  avantgarde, improvisation.  DILEMMA music unfolds images and sounds of the darkest areas of human soul to the brightest lyricism. They have appeared in many venues   and they have composed music for plays and art exhibitions.  They have already released 6 full-length studio albums and they currently recording their 7th album. Also, Dilemma covering music in their own original way. They share their time between Vienna and Athens.

The duet DILEMMA, inspired from the musical world of the great composer and creator Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is choosing fragments from his works and rendering them through their musical idiom with an improvisational attitude. The saxophone and the guitar talk each other and the two musicians with their instruments renegotiate themes and moments of Mozart with a contemporary look.



Development: MMstudio