ZALA VIDIC, Violoncello

3.7. 2016 at 20:30
Bled Castle

C. TESSARINI: Cello sonata v F-duru (Adagio, Allegro con brio, Andante cantabile, Presto)
M. BRUCH: Kol nidrei
R. SCHUMANN: Fantasiestücke, Op. 73 (Zart und mit Ausdruck, Lebhaft leich, Rasch und mit Feuer)
M. LIPOVŠEK: Balada za violončelo in klavir (Lento, quasi recitativo)
R. MARTINU: Varijacije na Rossinijevo temo

ZALA VIDIC was born in 1998. She started her musical training at the age of six, when she took her first cello lessons with Prof. Ana Arh at the Marjan Kozina Music School in Novo mesto.  She is constantly perfecting her knowledge through seminars and summer courses with renowned professors (e.g. Giovanni Gnocchi and Reinhard Latzko).

In 2009 she took a gold plaque and the first prize at the TEMSIG - Slovenian Music Competition for Youth. She won the third prize at an international competition in Austria, and the first prize in Gorizia, Italy, which allowed her to perform in a series of Winners’ Concerts in Austria, Italy and Slovenia. Between 2010 and 2012 Zala Vidic took four first prizes at various international competitions. At TEMSIG 2012 she again came first and won a special award for the best performance of the compulsory piece. A month later, Zala attended an international competition in Lienz, Austria, and was awarded second place among cellists from 24 countries. In October she added to the collection a third prize at the Antonio Janigro international competition in Poreč. She closed the year 2012 with two absolute first prizes in Italy, for her performance in the categories of stringed instruments and piano duo.

In March 2013 she passed the aptitude test at the Ljubljana Music and Ballet Conservatory, where she continues her studies with Prof. Karmen Pečar Koritnik. She attended the international Svirel Competition in Štanjel, where she made it to the finals in stringed instruments, winning a recital in Sežana and a soloist concert with the Cantabile choir.  This success was followed by the second prize at the Petar Konjović international competition in Belgrade and the first prize and first place at the Euritmia international competition in Udine, Italy. She has also won numerous awards as member of the piano trio (with Manja Slak - violin, Ana Čop - piano).

Zala has been giving regular concerts on Slovenian stages since 2008. In November 2003 she performed a recital as part of the GML concerts. In her first year at the Conservatory, she won the audition and performed as a soloist with the Symphonic Orchestra of the Ljubljana Music and Ballet Conservatory. In the academic year 2014/2015 Zala took the third prize at the Antonio Janigro competition in Poreč. She completed the 42nd TEMSIG competition with the first prize, gold plaque and two special awards for 100 points and best performance of the compulsory piece. At the end of 2015 Zala Vidic and pianist Hermina Hudnik staged a recital under the auspices of GML as part of the concert series Zvoki mladih v Unionu (The Sound of Youth at Grand Hotel Union) and a full concert of Matica Hrvatska in Zagreb, which charmed both the audience and the reviewers. In January 2016 Zala made it to the finals of the Young Musicians Eurovision Competition, where the jury selected her to represent Slovenia in Köln in September 2016.
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