Patrycja Grecka, Poland
violin for youngsters  3.7. - 13.7.

Patrycja Grecka was born in Plock (Poland). She received her first violin lessons from Mr.Bernard Tomasinski at the music school in Plock. Later she studied in the Music Conservatory in Jakobstad (Finland) and in the Music Academy in Poznan where she obtained her bachelor diploma in the class of the famous polish teacher prof. Jadwiga Kaliszewska.

Since 2010 Patrycja studied in Prof. Robert Szreder’s violin class at the Maastricht Academy of Music (The Netherlands) – master degree.

She is a founder of GRECKA MUSIC PROMOTION – the class for talented young violinists and other musicians.

Patrycja is an artistic manager and initiator of the international chamber music series of the master recitals – "Coffee Sweeten With Music”.

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