Kunstverein Velden

Bled Festival hall: 8 July at 6 p.m. 
Music: The Sorbian folk dance Group Schmerlitz

Author: Alfred Scheikl

Under the motto  „Mešano/Mixed"  the Arts Society from Bled's twin town Velden am Wörthersee, Austria, presents a rich collection of paintings and installations by its members.

The Velden Arts Society, currently consisting of 81 members, was founded on 26 June 1995 as an association of professional and amateur artists and a live forum for all who see art as something more. With its rich offer of classes, projects, workshops and excursions in Austria and abroad, the Society supports its members on their personal artistic journey.

Lectures about art history and great artists, with emphasis on modern art, are a valuable addition to the programme and encourage Society members to create their own works of art, which are then displayed at solo or group exhibitions in Austria and abroad.

The Sorbian folk dance Group Schmerlitz is a folklore ensemble which represent Sorbian culture and traditions at international folklore festivals every year.

The folkdance group was founded in 1964 and currently numbers 72 active members of various ages, who perform different types of dances suitable for the different age-groups.

All the members come from the Catholic Sorb villages in the district around Kamenz. In addition to dancing, they also keep up other customs such as Easter Riding and May-pole Throwing.

The joint performances of musicians and dancers have taken the artists beyond Germany to international folklore festivals all over the  world.

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