Vinko Bogataj

1. 7. -8. 7., Bled Festival hall
1. 8. -31. 8., Bled Castle

Vinko Bogataj, a painter and woodcarver from Lesce, a member of the Ljubljana Fine Artists’ Society, has received many prizes and awards in the course of his career. He's been painting ever since he can remember although life’s circumstances have prevented him from pursuing formal artistic training.  Overwhelmed by his passion for ski jumping, Bogataj was a member of Yugoslavia’s  junior and senior national teams.

He stopped painting for a series of years but when his sport career came to an end, he picked up his brushes with renewed vigour.
 He gained knowledge from his mentors, whom he learnt from but never copied, gradually developing a style of his own which he has been nurturing for years.  

Vinko Bogataj has participated in a series of painting colonies and ex-tempore and held exhibitions in Europe and the USA.    

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