The SOS saxophone orchestra was founded on the initiative of Robert Buttus, renowned

producer and musical instrument repairer. Together with Lev Pupis they invited well-established

Slovene and Croatian saxophonists to join them and in 2011 the orchestra began to give

concerts. The members of the orchestra are renowned saxophonists coming from different

countries such as Slovenia, Croatia and Poland and are most revered and successful educators,

soloists, musical arrangers, composers, jazz and chamber musicians.

The SOS saxophone orchestra's mission is presenting audience with supreme music, whether it is

a transcription of the masterpieces of classical music, originals or new works, standard jazz music

or the sound of big-bands.

One of the main peculiarities of the orchestra is certainly the fact that it performs without a

conductor. This is an added advantage despite a large number of its members since the orchestra

can perfectly apply the idea of chamber music and pursue a common goal – pampering the

audience with an outstanding music and performance.

New music and the importance of the cooperation and integration of the musical experiences

and energies which solely enable the projection of unique musical experience, have always been

central to the orchestra. Therefore the SOS orchestra fosters close associations with many

acclaimed soloists and so far it has had many guest appearances, including, among others, Jean –

Yves Fourmeau –  saxophone, Tymur Melnyk –  violin, Marco Pierobon –  trumpet, Ljubiša

Jovanovid – flute, Ognjen Popovid – clarinet, Oto Vrhovnik –saxophone, Matej Grahek – flute,

Jože Kotar – clarinet


Members of the orchestra:

SOPRANOS:  Lev Pupis (SLO), Petra Horvat (CRO), Rok Volk (SLO), Tadej Šepec (SLO)

ALTOS:    Blaž Mijovid (SLO), Weronika Partyka (PL), Aleš Logar (SLO), Jurij Cizej (SLO),

Bernard Homan (CRO), Mitja Žerjal (SLO), Joanna Blejwas (PL)

TENORS:  Betka Bizjak Kotnik (SLO), Tomaž Nedoh (SLO), Matjaž Škoberne (SLO)

Irena Šmid (SLO), Boštjan Simon (SLO), Larisa Marjanovid (SLO), Anja Kožuh (SLO)

BARITONES:    Ivor Reljid (CRO), Jovana Joka (CRO), Dejan Prešiček (SLO)

BASSES:  Matjaž Drevenšek (SLO), Matej Bunderla (SLO)

Lev Pupis is the concertmaster of the orchestra and Matjaž Drevenšek is responsible for technical


Development: MMstudio