Resonances - between sounds of violins and cellos

Yesterday evening there was a stunning performance in which the audience had a chance to hear very talented young musicians, violinists under prof. Marianne Piketty and cellists under prof. Phillipe Muller.

He played the cello alongside his students Izak Hudnik, Sebastian Bertoncelj, Peter Kaiser and Chloe Lanteri. Clara Mesple, Denis Bernier-Martin, Wan Yu Chou, Ieva Pranskute and Nina Przewozniak played the violin, while prof. Antoni Brozek and Ilya Maximov played the piano. We could hear the works of Boccherini, Leclair, Ysaÿe, Bartok, Dvorak, Kreisler, Wieniawski, Cassado and Brahms.

Photo: Boris Pretnar

Izak Hudnik, Sebastian Bertoncelj

Clara Mesple, Denis Bernier-Martin

Clara Mesple, Wan Yu Chou

Izak Hudnik, Peter Kaiser, Sebastian Bertoncelj, Chloe Lanteri and prof. Phillip Muller.

Ieva Pranskute

Nina Przewozniak

Violinsts and cellist with prof. Marianne Piketty and prof. Phillip Muller.

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