"Heavenly" strings

Prof. Michael Frischenschlager and young artists prepared a beautiful concert for the lovers of string instruments. The brilliant acoustics of st. Martin's church provided the perfect setting for the works of W. A. Mozart, J. S. Bach, E. Ysaye and G. P. Telemann.

The performers were: Denis Bernier Martin, Yen Wang, Franka Laricheliere Banken, Chiara Siciliano, Lisa-Maria Sekine, Eunsley Park, Miguel-Angel Cegarra, Helena Schöner and Maya Ito.

Photo: Boris Pretnar

Denis Bernier-Martin, Yen Yang, Franka Laricheliere Banken, Chiara Siciliano

Yen Yang

Lisa Maria Sekine

Maya Ito

Eunsley Park

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