Past meets present and future

In the opening speech of "The past - the present - the future" concert (13 July), prof. Robert Szreder was debating what are the past, present, and future representing. "Am I the present, and my colleague prof. Jasiurkovski is the future? Or am I already the past and he is the present? On the other hand it is completely clear that these young musicians, who are playing tonight, are our musical future."

These words marked the beginning of yet another beautiful evening, in which young super-talents presented us the works of European composers from different musical eras (H. Vieuxtemps, G. Foure, F. Drdla, P. Vladigerov, J. Brahms,...). 

The young violinists were from different parts of Europe, Japan, and Mexico: Eduardo Canto, Wojciech Niedziołka,, Tjaša Klanac, Ivana Beltran, Teruhisa Hiraki, Ana Verdinek, Neža Capuder, Tereze Vaivode, Klara Gronet, Nina Przevozniak, Patrcya Grecka in David Nuñez.

Tjaša Klanac, Slovenia

Wojciech Niedziotka, Poland

Teruhisa Hiraki, Japonska

Ivana Beltran, Slovenia

Patrycja Grecka, Nina Przevozniak, David Nunez, Tereze Vaivode

Prof. Robert Szreder
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