Tamburitza orchestra KUD Dobreč Dragatuš in Festival Hall

"I wish I could call you by song" was the title of the Saturday's (July 4) evening in Bled Festival Hall. Amazing performance of young musicians under conductor Gregor Zagorc was composed of some famous instrumental pieces like Romance from Čajkovski, Bizet`s Carmen and some Slovenian folk songs like "Belokranjski čoček".

After the tamburitza orchestra the stage belonged to singers Anja Pešelj and Gašper Mihelič. In their program we could hear popular Dalmatin (Da te mogu pismom zvati), Slovene (Summer night) and English classics like Something stupid, Just a gigolo and Can't take my eyes off you.

Photo: Aleš Košir

Tamburaški orkester KUD DOBREČ Dragatuš

Gašper Mihelič

Anja Pešelj

Dirigent Gregor Zagorc.

Development: MMstudio