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Nikola Matošić was born in 1978 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He discovered that jazz music was his passion while a sophomore at the high school for chemistry. He started his career as a self-thought musician. Later on he joined various seminars, workshops, private lesions and after that enrolled, to sharpen his musical knowledge,in classical music school with mentor Štefan Perkič. From 1997 he started organizing jam sessions at various locations in Ljubljana. However,for more then 15 years, he has been the organizer of the famous Monday jam sessions in the jazz club Gajo in Ljubljana and consequently also responsible for the development of jazz music in the Slovenian capital city and in Slovenia. Besides that he was also a co-organizer of jazz seminars and performances in Slovenia, involving names such as Barry Harris, Doug Hammond and others. By now he has proudly shared a stage with many musicians known throughout the world. If we enumerate just some of them: Arron Goldberg, Deborah Brown, Rachel Gould, Don Menza, Allan Praskin, Roberto Magris, Peter Mihelič, Renato Chicco, Douglas Sides, Howard Curtis, Tony Lakatos, Florian Brambock, Herb Geller,… as well as many rising names of the younger jazz generation and well respected Slovenian jazz names. His primary passion has always been jazz music, but he is also appreciated by musicians of other musical genres. Thus he collaborated with many popular Slovenian musicians like Zoran Predin, Oto Pestner, Adi Smolar,…He is known for his smile, impeccable rhythm, and profound sound, not to mention that his goal is always to satisfy the audience.  

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