The night of Russian music

Young musicians, students of the recognized violinist and educator prof. Tomaž Lorenzo, managed to amaze the audience of yesterdays "Russian” night. Despite their youth they performed with dedication, experience and passion.

First assembly - Vitomir Zagode (piano), Katarina Viher (violin), Alma Pleteršek (violoncello) and Ana Viher (violin); Trio Rupnik - Manca (violin), Anže (piano) and Nejc Rupnik (violoncello) and last but not least Trio Souffle - Ana Maria Beguš (piano), Ana Krpan (violin) in Katarina Kozjek (violoncello) left the listeners in the Lake hall of Grand hotel Toplice breathless.

Russian music for the piano trio they presented to the attenders was written by Mihail Glinka, Dimitri Šostakovič and Anton Arenski.

Photo: Boris Pretnar

Katarina Viher

Ana Viher

Vitomir Zagode, Ana Viher

Trio Rupnik

Anže Rupnik 

Manca Rupnik

Katarina Kozjek

Trio Souffle

Ana Maria Beguš (piano)

Ana Krpan (violin)

Selma Brence and prof. Tomaž Lorenz

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