Tamburitza Orchestra KUD Dobreč Dragatuš
Conductor: Gregor Zagorc
Voice: Anja Pešelj, Gašper Mihelič

Tamburitza orchestra Dobreč consists of 24 young musicians. Since its foundation in 1997, the orchestra was professionaly led by Anton Grahek. Now under the inspiring leadership of Artistic Director Gregor Zagorc, the orchestra continues to bring first-class performances of a wide range of musical repertoire to worldwide audiences. . The orchestra’s home is Dragatuš, small village in the heart of Bela krajina, in which the intimate environment is ideal for orchestral performances.


The orchestra has over 600 performances in Slovenia and abroad. It is distinguished by excellent dynamics, melodiousness, unique sound and is also supplemented by vocal solists.

They participated already with Helena Blagne, Severa Gjurin, Vlado Kreslin and Magnifico. Orchestra often performes in Cankarjev dom and the Festival Hall in Ljubljana. The orchestra proves that tamburitza music has no boundaries that reach the masses and flows into all musical genres. Alongside its thriving live performance schedule, the orchestra recorded three records, BELA KRAJINA LE TEBI with singer Janez Doltar, DOBREČ and MARKO SKAČE.


The orchestra regularly participates in the national and international competitions. At national competitions in the last eight years, they have received eight gold awards and were eight times in a row declared to be the best tamburitza orchestra in Slovenia. In May 2010, the first attended by tamburitza international competition in Osijek, Croatia. The competition was attended by 30 orchestras and groups from Austria, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. Tamburitza orchestra Dobreč in the category of adult tamburitza orchestras was awarded a gold medal by winning 98 points and took second place. In November 2013, orchester attended the 1st International Festival of the large tamburitza orchestras in Ruma (Serbia). They have received the gold award and ranked third. The orchestra has thus demonstrated that it belongs to the top of tamburitza music in Europe.


Tamburitza orchestra Dobreč is the recipient of numerous international awards and plaques. In 2006, the Tamburitza orchestra Dobreč  receive a plaque, which applies to the highest recognition for the operation in the cultural field in the municipality of Črnomelj. Tamburitza orchester Dobreč has also organized I. and II. International festival of tamburitza orchestras and groups Dragatuš 2006 and 2007. The festival was held in July and it was attended by over 10.000 people and is the main event in the field of this kind in Slovenia. In 2008, the Tamburitza orchestra Dobreč for the International Festival of tamburitza orchestras and groups Dragatuš 2007 received "Screen of popularity” by local TV channel awarded each year for the most prominent media event.


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