East meets West

Prof. Saewon Suh and his students were the protagonists of an excellent evening named "East meets West” (8th of july). Young violinists and their mentor combined the works of some of the best composers in the world:  Sergej Prokofiev, Igor Strawinsky, Georg Gershwin, Jascha Heitzfetz, Manuel Ponce, Giovanni Bottesini and Pablo Sarasante

Young Korean violinists led by prof. Suh are: A La Cho, Cho Eun Kim, Sanhayea Song, Jiyoo Park, trio Jiwon Jung, Albert Wassermann (kontrabass), A Jin Cho (piano) and Sanhayea Song with pianist prof. Bokjoo Suh-Cho. 

Photo: Boris Pretnar

A La Cho, Cho Eun Kim

Sanhayea Song

Jiyoo Park

Jiwon Jung, A Jin Cho, Albert Wassermann

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